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Rio City is a Town built for teaching kids the rules of the road at an early age. At Rio City students may come and drive to obtain first hand experience in the field of driving. First students will make their permit to be able to contact an instructor. Once the permit is made, the instructor will then drive with the kid and teach him/her the rules of the road. Once the instructor feels that the child is confident and skilled enough to drive on their own; the instructor will then exit the car and leave it to the child. From this point on, the child is responsible for every one of his/her actions. Any rules they violate will count towards points on their license as well as result in a time out or further punishment. Rio City is an environment where kids are expected to learn how to drive safely. Children may have fun while following the rules, Rio City is about order, and fun. Our mission is to create a generation of safer drivers, one child at a time.

There are 3 types of cars at Rio City. The first car is for 3-6 year olds and is on its own track with the medium sized car. This track is a fenced track with a fixed are so that only the small and medium cars may drive on them and not be interrupted.  The medium cars (on the same track) are for ages 6-9. And then finally the larger smart cars which require a teacher. Anyone with a valid country license may drive these cars without an instructor. Otherwise, if no valid license is acquired, Rio City will require the child to drive with an instructor until he/she is ready to drive the larger cars on the big track. This is your time, lets make a difference.

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