• All 1st time drivers at Rio City must be accompanied with a trainer until they prove they are capable of driving safely, 70% SL “Safety Level”  All drivers will be given a “Safety Level” grade that are classified as follow:
    • 70% SL permits the driver to drive alone or with an adult
    • 80% SL allows the driver to have younger passengers riding with them.
    • 90% SL will be ready to take the driving test.
  • Once the driver reaches the 70% SL, he or she will become responsible for any traffic violation. A safe driving will raise the SL grade and any violation will lower it. The driver will be giving a chance for some of the traffic mistakes and will be listed on his file as warning. Two warnings are the most that a driver can get.
  • The violations have different values, each point is equivalent to a minute of down time.
    Some of the traffic violations are:

    • Running a stop sign the 1st time will cost the driver 5 minutes of his driving time
    • Unbuckled seat belt will costs 3 minutes the 1st time and the driver is responsible for all passengers violations.
    • Wrong way driving costs 6 points
    • Speeding costs ranges between two points and a suspension of the Rio City driver license.
    • Following too close can lead to an accident and will cost the driver 1 to 5 points, the exact points will be determined by the officer on duty.
    • Lane misuse costs 4 points
    • Inattention while driving costs 3 points, the use of cell phone costs 5 points.
    • Reckless driving could cost as much as loosing the Rio City driving license and will be determined by the officer on duty.
    • Failing to put the car in a Park position and taking the key out when pulled over or stopped costs 2 points each.
    • Failing to signal while making a turn costs 3 points.
    • Making a U turn where not allowed costs 4 points.
    • Littering out of the car in Rio City is considered the worst traffic violation and will cost the driver the loss of all city privileges and probation for one year.
  • The cost of violation doubles when repeated in the same day.
  • Pedestrians must walk on the sidewalk and in the crosswalk.
  • Food and beverages are allowed in the restaurant area only.
  • Any littering, flowers and plants touching or any disturbance will result in a loss of the city privilege.
  • All visitors must obey city rules and police instructions.
  • No smoking in the city streets or in the cars.
  • The lots are considered private properties and they are not open to the public.
Stop Sign 5 pts إشارات الوقوف
Seat Belt 3 pts حزام الأمان
Wrong Way 6 pts عكس السير
Speed 2+ pts السرعة
Following Too Close 1+ pts إحترام المسافة
Lame Misuse 4 pts عدم إستعمال الخط المناسب
Not paying attention while driving 3 pts عدم الإنتباه
Park & Key 2 pts
U Turn 4 pts